Sidewalk Sales


Get ready for the Sidewalk Sales in Urbana!

The City of Urbana endeavors to allow more flexibility to enable shopping and services to expand outdoors now that our area has entered into the Restore Illinois Phase 4 plan during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

City of Urbana Mayor Diane Wolfe Marlin has issued an Emergency Order to allow retail sales and services to take place on City sidewalks and to waive the parking requirement to allow outdoor sales and services on private property. Certain restrictions apply.

Go here to create a CitizenServe account and apply!  

In order to have a retail sidewalk sale:

  • Businesses will need to apply for a permit that is required for temporary use of public sidewalks. Go here for instructions on how to create a CitizenServe account. The permit is listed on CitizenServe.
  • Tents on private property may require a permit. Go here to see the specifications for tents.

Here is a summary of the Outdoor Shopping and Services Regulations:

  • DCEO Guidelines for Phase IV of the Restore Illinois plan must be followed
  • Permits are required for use of public sidewalks and require a certificate of insurance extending coverage to use of the public property
  • A minimum of 5 feet of clear space is required on the sidewalk between where a person may be looking at merchandise or having a service done and any obstructions
  • An outdoor area may be expanded to the adjacent property with that property owner’s permission
  • Nothing can be affixed to public property
  • Doors must remain unobstructed
  • Permits will be valid for the month of July. We will review the program periodically and will renew permits if no changes are warranted.
  • Permits are not required for use of private space, but all codes and the DCEO Guidelines are still in effect
  • Tents in excess of 400 square feet in area require a permit
  • The program may be suspended at any time.



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