Holiday Car Travel Made Easy

Car TravelFinding information about our roads...

With the holidays upon us and congested travel being the norm, here are tools to help drivers get where they want to be safely.

Getting Around Illinois is a web-based interactive mapping site that provides the ability to search and display several sources of transportation data,  provided by The Illinois Department of Transportation. You can find information on winter road conditions, annual average daily traffic, road construction, trucking routes, and planned road projects on this website.

Another great tool is Travel Midwest. It shows maps in real time that are updated showing traffic congestion, weather conditions, incidents, and other notices. The real-time maps on the Travel Midwest site are created from data provided by a variety of sources including the Illinois DOT, the Illinois Tollway, the Chicago Skyway, the Wisconsin DOT, the Indiana DOT, the Indiana Toll Road, the Michigan DOT, and the Minnesota DOT. The maps can be scrolled and zoomed to allow you to view the area in which you are interested. Information on the maps is displayed in layers. There are layers for travel times, congestion, construction, incidents, road labels and shields, dynamic message signs, cameras, and special events. Layers may be displayed or hidden using the toggle buttons in the Layer and Zoom Control panel on the map page to allow you to focus on the information you find useful, and to remove information you do not find relevant.

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