Annual Use of Force Report 2023

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Starting in October 2023, the Urbana Police Department began using Departmentware to collect data on uses of force.

Departmentware is a customizable public safety software that allows officers to provide detailed incident reports. Previously, officers indicated whether force was used on their reports, and an administrative assistant entered this data into Excel. Now, officers directly enter the use of force information into Departmentware, improving data quality and eliminating duplicate work.

This 2023 Use of Force Report combines data from the previous spreadsheet system and the new Departmentware.

As outlined by Council Resolution No. 2021-02-007R, prioritizing tactical de-escalation and police transparency in Urbana, this report includes aggregated data on use of force incidents, findings from the Use of Force Review Committee, and any resulting disciplinary or training actions. The data is also broken down by type of force used, and by the race, gender, and age of the individuals involved.

 Please view the report below.

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