The Mission Continues-Military Applicants and the UPD

If you are an active duty or veteran military member looking for a new career opportunity, the Urbana Police Department offers competitive pay, outstanding benefits and numerous opportunities with special units and activities.

What the UPD Offers Military Personnel:

 1.  The UPD accepts two (2) years of active military duty (with honorable discharge) in lieu of an associate's degree or equivalent college classesand credits or two (2) years of law enforcement experience

2.  Typically, entry-level officers must be between the ages of 21 and 34 years old in order to be considered.  However, if you have prior military experience, you may exceed the age of 35 years by the number of years you have served on active military duty, but by no more than 10 years of active military duty.

3. Qualified military personnel receive five (5) preference points on Civil Service exams.  Be sure to upload your DD-214 or other documentation of service with your application!

4. Military personnel who, in connection with current service, have military orders that indicate their unavailability due to military service the day of a Civil Service examination should contact the Human Resources Division to request a make-up written examination (see address and business hours below). To request a make-up, submit an application for an open position and request such accommodation in writing (e-mail is acceptable), with a copy of your military orders attached to: Elizabeth Borman at the City of Urbana address at the bottom of the page or e-mail: Please include in your letter your e-mail address, daytime base phone number and/or name and phone number of a friend or family member with whom you have regular contact and entrust with your personal communication.

5. You may be eligible to receive GI Bill benefits during your training period.

If you would like assistance in completing the application, writing a resume, preparing for an interview or other job-related skills, please visit: Information for Military Applicants for more information.

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Created on: Friday, April 23, 2010 - 16:19
- Author - ElizabethD