Art in the Time of Quarantine

Recently, youth in Champaign County were asked to express their emotions regarding sheltering in place and quarantine through art mediums. As the past few months have brought up a wide variety of feelings and increased time at home, students were free to document their experiences through creative expression. Submitted entries included pencil, marker, pastels, three-dimensional art, clay, tempera paint, and more. Artwork submitted originated from students of all ages across Champaign County.

The video above premiered on Facebook on June 11, 2020. It is now housed within the Museum of the Grand Prairie where curators hope to use the project to tell the story of today’s kids during COVID-19 and document this historic moment in time.

ChambanamomsKrannert Art MuseumKOOP Adventure PlayMuseum of the Grand Prairie, and the City of Urbana Arts and Culture Program collaborated on this initiative to ensure engagement and community connection for the whole family. A special thank you to Krannert Art Museum and Urbana Public Television for compiling the information into video format. View the full collection here!

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