Community Engagement Coordinator Announced

The City of Urbana has announced that Lemond Peppers has accepted the position of Community Engagement Coordinator. As a staff member in the Executive Department of the City, Peppers will work under general supervision of the City Administrator, will serve as a liaison between the City and the community to foster long-term, positive, and productive community relations.

This unique position includes outreach and engagement projects and programs, including engagement with youth in the community, fostering partnerships with key community members and groups, social media communications, education and training initiatives, and project analysis. A critical component of the position's outreach includes increasing the number of positive contacts with police officers and the community, providing a means for both police officers and members of the community to dispel preconceived notions and forge new relationships.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
  • Builds and maintains relationships with members of the community.
  • Assists in developing and maintaining community engagement programs, particularly outreach to youth in the community.
  • Develops mechanisms and strategies to facilitate communication between the Police Department and citizens regarding progress toward organizational goals, changes and achievements.
  • Assists in representing the City of Urbana, as assigned, in a variety of public forums and social and civic functions with elected officials, external agencies, and community, neighborhood and business organizations. (See examples below.)
  • Creates, cultivates, and deepens strategic partnerships with key community members and groups.Represents the City through participation in community events and networking.
  • Serves as staff to the Civilian Police Review Board, which typically meets four times per year; may attend Human Relations Commission, school board, and other meetings as needed.
  • Builds and maintains healthy, positive relationships with USD #116 students and staff, as well as community members, by being regularly and actively engaged in the school environment. Prepares and disseminates information related to programs to community members, businesses, and City staff, including press releases, brochures, videos, and bulletins regarding events and updates.
  • Attends meetings, seminars and forums of interest to keep informed of changing trends or legislative initiatives. Monitors publications and networks for relevant information pertaining to the meeting agendas. Reports significant information to the Mayor and City Administrator.
  • Maintains various records of activities and programs. Prepares general correspondence and summary reports; makes reports on community outreach program activities.
  • Monitors social and community trends and issues.
  • Maintains a database of community and media contacts.
  • Assists with researching, writing, and designing internal and external communication such as press releases and annual reports for the public.
  • Participates in collaborative partnerships and coalitions of professionals involved in public information.
  • Maintains confidentiality when involved with sensitive information requiring considerable use of tact, discretion, and judgment.
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