Welcome to Urbana

 Welcome to UrbanaWith the help of four beautiful seasons, a richly diverse population, The University of Illinois, and a vibrant arts and entertainment scene, Urbana offers a variety of services, recreation, and culture.

New to Urbana?

Connect with the Chambana Welcome Crew, a group of Ambassadors that are here to answer questions, share experiences, and ensure a smooth transition into our area.

Smart, innovative, and globally connected
Urbana is part of the Urbana-Champaign micro-urban community.

Great Neighborhoods
Urbana is made up of unique neighborhoods, each with its own neighborhood school and park facilities.

Nationally Recognized Public Schools
Urbana is known for the progressive, high-achieving school system of  Urbana School District 116 and its great Urbana Tiger spirit. 

Award-winning Libraries
The Urbana Free Library founded in 1874, is ranked among the top one percent of American public libraries both statewide and nationally for the fourth time.

Parks and Outdoor Recreation
The award-winning Urbana Park District oversees more than 600 acres of parks and natural areas.

Arts, Culture and Entertinment
The City has established an Arts & Culture Program to promote and facilitate the development and expansion of public arts in Urbana. 

Special Events and Festivals
Historic Downtown Urbana is home to the annual Pygamlion Festival, and the Boneyard Arts Festival.

My Urbana Market
The Market at the Square, is a vibrant market that connects the community with local food, provides access to local artisans, and serves as a community gathering place.

A Bike-Friendly, Walk-able Community
Urbana is a walk-able community with one of the best transit systems in the nation. It's also the only gold-level bicycle friendly community in Illinois.

Trees, Trees and More Trees!
National recognition as "Tree City USA" since 1976, with over 100,000 trees!

A Safe Community
Urbana's professional and highly respected Police Department provides effective, community-based policing that helps keep Urbana residents safe.

Likewise, Urbana residents can feel safer knowing that the Urbana Fire Department has been certified with an ISO-Insurance Service Office-Class 1 rating.