MCORE Project 1 - Green St from Wright St to Busey Ave

Project Status: 


Green Street between Wright Street and Busey Avenue
Green Street
Estimated Completion: 
Apr 2019
Estimated Cost: 

Project Limits:

Green Street from Wright Street to Busey Avenue.

Project Description:

Transformation of Green Street to a complete street within the project limits.

For Pedestrians:

  • Clearly defined street crossings supplemented with pavement markings and signs;
  • New American with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant sidewalks and curb ramps;

For Bicyclists:

  • Raised bicycle lanes;
  • Green color backed bicycle symbols;  
  • Two-stage left turn boxes at Goodwin Avenue/Green Street intersection  

For Transit Users:

  • New bus pulloffs;
  • New transit island on Green Street in front of the Illini Union;
  • Level boarding platforms;
  • New bus shelters;
  • New information kiosks

For All Users Including Motorists:

  • Completely new concrete pavement between Wright Street and Goodwin Avenue;
  • Rehabilitated asphalt pavement between Goodwin Avenue and Busey Avenue;
  • Improved street and sidewalk drainage via storm sewer modifications and drainage swales;
  • Traffic signal improvements at the Goodwin Avenue/Green Street intersection;
  • New traffic signals at the Lincoln Avenue/Green Street intersection;
  • New thermal vehicle detection systems capable of detecting bicyclists and motorists at the Goodwin Avenue/Green Street and Lincoln Avenue/Green Street intersections;
  • Recessed pavement markings and improved traffic control signage;
  • New LED street and pedestrian lighting;
  • New landscaping (trees and plantings)

At the Illini Union:

  • Complete reconstruction of the entrance and parking areas in front of the building with a new concrete pavement;
  • Removal of the west driveway to eliminate current conflicts between pedestrians and motorists;
  • New LED entrance and parking lot lighting;
  • New plaza area with benches;
  • Ornamental fencing;
  • Additional bicycle racks;
  • Landscaping enhancements (trees and plantings)

Other Improvements:

  • New water main from Wright Street to Lincoln Avenue

Project Details:

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Construction Information:

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Project Updates:

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