Vine and Washington Resurfacing Project

Project Status: 
In Progress
Estimated Completion: 
Sep 2020

The proposed improvements are located along Vine Street from the intersection of California Avenue to just south of the intersection of Washington Street and Vine Street. The proposed improvements are also located along Washington Street from Walnut Street to just east of Urbana Avenue.
The work under this contract shall consist of the construction of:

• Removal and replacement of concrete roadway and concrete curb;
• Removal and replacement of asphalt roadway at select locations;
• Removal and replacement of all driveway approaches throughout project limits;
• Replacement of ADA sidewalk ramps throughout project limits;
• Other work as necessary to complete construction as shown in the plans and required by the specifications


Map of the project limits.  Locations are approximated.



Overall Phasing of the project. See the PDF at the bottom of the page for individual phases

Phase 1 is estimated to be completed by mid-July (weather permitting) but can go as long as August 1, 2020.  The subsequent phases will follow and updates will be posted.