Boneyard Creek Master Plan


The Boneyard Creek is a smaller waterway (5,311 acre watershed) that runs through the cities of Champaign and Urbana, and the University of Illinois campus. The creek eventually feeds into the Saline Branch drainage ditch north of Downtown Urbana. Within the urbanized area, the Boneyard Creek has historically been covered or confined to a narrower sheet piled section to accommodate development.

The Master Plan focuses on the portion of the Boneyard Creek that runs through Downtown Urbana, specifically between Main Street and University Avenue (see aerial map). The Boneyard Creek cross-section is open along this corridor, however, it is not designed to take advantage of the creek as an amenity or to relate to adjacent uses and pedestrian connections. The City of Urbana sees real potential to turn the Boneyard Creek into an amenity to the Downtown environment.

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