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RFP Summary

The City has an existing website ( that has been in use for more than ten years.  Content was added gradually by various staff members from different Departments. For most of this time, there was no style guide in place.

The City will begin migrating to a new website starting on January 1, 2023. The City has already contracted for the website, and plans to use their templates. This RFP is not about website design; this RFP is focused on the written content.

We do not plan to migrate all of our content (almost 5,000 pages and posts), instead we plan to bring forward only the most used pages – approximately 500.  The City determined the “most used” pages based on Google Analytics, and refined the list to exclude page types that will not be converted.  The final number of pages may vary – it will be limited by the budget for this project – but for the rest of this document we will use the term “500 pages”.

This RFP seeks a partner to perform these tasks for the City:

1.Review the City’s Style Guide and provide feedback, resulting in a final Style Guide that will apply to all written content produced in this project.

2.Receive the 500 pages of content as individual text files (the City will provide these).

3.Modify the pages to adhere to the Style Guide. Modifications should be made in a Word Processing program with change-tracking.

4.Submit the modified pages to the City for review by appropriate City staff and track the status of each page.

a.If necessary, there could be iterations of a page based on feedback from City staff – so tracking of the status should include which version is out for review.

5.It is expected that pages will be updated on a rolling basis, with the most-used pages done first. The project will be complete when the 500 pages are updated or the money runs out.


The completed pages will then be pasted into the new website.  This effort will be performed by City staff.