Firewood Giveaway at LRC!

FirewoodWe’re overloaded with wood! So, we’re doing some pre-spring cleaning for 2018.

For a limited time, we are offering FREE quartered bulk wood to the public.

Self-load Option
Bring your truck to LRC and load the wood yourself. Or if you have an open trailer or dump truck we can load for $5/tractor bucket. For safety reasons, we CANNOT load into pick-up truck beds. LRC hours are 8:00 am to 4:00 pm, Monday - Friday.

For this special giveaway, LRC will deliver the free wood to you, but there is a $15 loading fee plus the cost of delivery, which varies depending on the location in Champaign County.

  • Zone 1: 2-mile radius of LRC = $25.00
  • Zone 2: 12-mile radius of LRC = $30.00
  • Zone 3: 25-mile radius of LRC = $50.00
  • Zone 4: 35 - mile radius of LRC = $60.00

Deliveries include about 4 cubic yards of wood. Offer applies to residents and businesses. No refunds or exchanges.
Please allow a 20 x 20 ft space for dumping, as well as, 20 ft clearance from all other objects due to potential rolling of the logs.


What kind of wood is this? Much of the wood is ash brought in from trees removed due to emerald ash borer. Wood may vary on type, but most pine wood has been sorted out.

What size is quartered wood? Quartered wood is bulk logs that have been split into pieces about 3 ft in length and 1 ft wide. This is NOT split firewood, which is not available for delivery.

Is the wood seasoned? Generally not, although, some of the quartered wood was made from older logs.

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