What to do in Heavy Rain

Heavy RainWhenever there is the possibility for heavy rains you need to be prepared. Prepare your part of the City by clearing your nearby storm drain. It can make a huge difference in how your area processes heavy rainfall by possible preventing basement flooding and helping streets to stay clear.  

"We need your help! If you notice a storm sewer grate in your neighborhood that is clogged with leaves or trash, use a rake or other tool to clear the debris to a spot behind the curb or in the parkway next to the street. Let’s keep the water moving off the streets and into the storm sewers. As always, you can contact the Public Works Department at 217-384-2342 if you notice any severe stormwater related issues," Justin Swinford, Civil Engineer for the City of Urbana said. 

Go here for more infomration on the Stormwater Management Program.




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