The City Clerk's Trifold COVID-19 Edition


The Urbana City Council or Committee of the Whole meets every Monday at 7 p.m. (Tuesdays following legal holidays, no meetings on 5th Mondays). Cancellations, postponements,  public hearings, or special meetings are posted in City Hall and listed on the City of Urbana website. Meetings may be called as necessary with at least 48 hours public notice.

City Council meetings are held in the Council Chambers at City Hall at 400 S. Vine Street, or via ZOOM, unless notice is given of another location.

Meetings of the Urbana City Council and its various commissions and boards are open to the  public. Agendas are posted on the bulletin board at City  Hall (main bulletin board in the north entrance of the building), outside the Council Chambers, as well as on the City’s web site,


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