Gather Illinois

Rael Development Corporation and the City of Urbana are pleased to announce the opening of the new mixed-use development at the intersection of University and Lincoln Avenues in the City of Urbana called “Gather.”
Gather contains 229 rental units and 28 extended-stay units, along with nearly 15,000 square feet of lobby, retail and outdoor public areas.
“This is a mixed use project, with extended stay hotel rooms plus rental housing and small retail. This project, combined with the extensive work on University Avenue, Lincoln Avenue, and Green Street, will transform the campus gateway to our community. Special thanks to Economic and Business Development, Building Safety, and City staff," Mayor Diane Wolfe Marlin said.
Enjoy this virtual tour of Gather, located at the intersection of “higher education and higher living.” –Gather Illinois:
Last modified:Wednesday, December 8, 2021 - 10:14
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