Stormwater Master Plan

Project Status: 
In Progress

The City is seeking Letters of Interest to provide the City of Urbana with professional services for stormwater planning. Professional services will include but not be limited to surveying, engineering, and planning for the production of a document to guide the City’s future efforts towards stormwater management, stormwater infrastructure, and water quality improvement practices.

The City previously commissioned a report on the storm sewer system in 1980, which is available for review at the Public Works Department. Since that time, the City has seen considerable growth and significant changes to stormwater management practices. The City’s intent is not for the proposed Stormwater Master Plan to be an update or extension of the 1980 report, but to provide new analysis and guidance for future stormwater management planning and practices.

The City currently manages storm sewer location and attribute data through a partnership with the Champaign County GIS Consortium. Access to GIS data will be made available to the selected firm. The City is also a member of the Champaign County Stormwater Partnership, which includes several other local government agencies collaborating towards National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Phase II Permit compliance.