Urbana Enterprise Zone

For additional information on Enterprise Zone incentives, to find out if your project is eligible, and to apply please call the Economic Development Division at (217) 384-2372

The Urbana Enterprise Zone provides financial incentives including property tax abatements and sales tax exemptions to eligible residential, commercial, and industrial construction within the Zone. Think Urbana is a program of the Urbana Enterprise Zone and utilizes the application forms and materials found on this webpage. The new Urbana / Champaign County Enterprise Zone was certified by the State of Illinois to take effect on January 1st, 2016.


EZ MapFor more information about the Urbana Enterprise Zone Programs Including Think Urbana: 

Urbana Enterprise Zone Program Overview - Updated 2016-03

Urbana Enterprise Zone Program Policies - Updated 2023-07

Think Urbana Program Overview 


To determine if your property or business is located in the Enterprise Zone

Click Here for a Detailed Map of the new Enterprise Zone

Click Here for an Interactive Map of the Enterprise Zone  (Please refer to the Interactive Map Instructions)


Apply for Enterprise Zone & Think Urbana Incentives Please click on the *NEW* Civic Serve link to create an account and submit an application: 

Please return the below forms and neccesary fees to the contacts listed at the bottom of this page. Please note the City requires minimal fees before Enterprise Zone incentives can be administered, please refer to the Urbana Enterprise Zone Program Overview - Updated 2016-03 document for more details.

  1. Form B for Enterprise Zone & Think Urbana Property Tax Abatements

 For more information about Illinois Enterprise Zones

Illinois Enterprise Zone Association (IEZA)

Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity (DCEO)


To report on incentives to the Illinois Department of Commerce

Illinois Department of Revenue - Business Incentives Reporting FAQ

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