In Lincoln's Shadow Pastcast Tour

Lincolns ShadowAbraham Lincoln spent nearly twenty years of his life practicing law here, making friends and gaining political allies. This is not a tour of sites that he visited, but rather a look at the connections between the Urbana of Lincoln’s era and the historic buildings of today’s downtown.

  • Visit the exhibit at the Champaign County Courthouse and learn about Lincoln’s legal career in Urbana.
  • Find out about the connection between Lincoln and the University of Illinois at the Griggs House.
  • Compare the accommodations of the 1850s with the Tudor-style hotel named after the 16th president, built in 1924.

 The Pastcast Tour

Pastcasting brings story and place together, using new technology to offer on-demand, self-guided video walking tours to visitors at historic sites. Now you can see images and hear sounds from the past on the actual spot where history was made. The pastcasts are available to download as audio or video to your personal device. MP3 video players are also available for loan.  

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