Tour 3: At the Turn of the Century

Click on this link or images below to download the Tour 3 At the Turn of the Century brochure.

Click on the links below to download Tour 3 At the Turn of the Century podcasts.  You can also watch them on YouTube.

Erlanger House -  .mp4     .avi     .mov    .wmv     .mp3

Plan Book House -  .mp4     .avi     .mov     .wmv     .mp3

Ortiz House -  .mp4     .avi     .mov     .wmv     .mp3

Hieronymous House - .mp4     .avi     .mov     .wmv     .mp3

Zook House -  .mp4     .avi     .mov     .wmv     .mp3

Mother-In-Law Cottage -  .mp4     .avi     .mov     .wmv     .mp3

DeWolf_House -  .mp4     .avi     .mov     .wmv     .mp3

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