Municipal Electric Aggregation

Municipal Electric Aggregation is the bulk purchasing of electricity organized by the City.  The City and the selected supplier automatically opt-in all eligible accounts at the beginning of each contract period.  Residents receive a letter with directions to opt-out of the program if they so choose.

Urbana's Municipal Electric Aggregation pricing:

  • July 2024 through December 2024: $0.09994 / kilowatt hour (kWh)  (26% green power purchased in addition to 22% required by State) (supplier is Energy Harbor)

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  • Residences
  • Small businesses using less than 15,000 kwh per year

Compare the Municipal Electric Aggregation price to the current default electric supply price at

Compatibility with Ameren Programs:

  • Urbana's Municipal Electric Aggregation is NOT compatible with Ameren's Power Smart Pricing.  Power Smart Pricing and Municipal Electric Aggregation is an either/or option. 
  • Urbana's Municipal Electric Aggregation is NOT compatible with a Community Solar subscription.

 Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does Municipal Electric Aggregation guarantee the lowest electricity price?

A. No.  The City competitively bids an electricity price and then locks that price in for two or three years.  Other retail electric suppliers can change their prices daily as the market fluctuates.  Ameren Illinois typically changes their pricing yearly. 

Q. Will participants still receive an Ameren Illinois bill?  Will participants receive two bills?

A. Participants in Municipal Electric Aggregation will continue to receive an Ameren Illinois bill which will show a line item with the name and price of the electric aggregation service. 

Q. Do residents have to participate in Municipal Electric Aggregation?  How easy is it to go in and out of the program?

A. No.  The program automatically opts-in all residences and qualifying businesses with a letter decribing the option to leave the program.  Residents can join the program at any time, however residents who leave the aggregation program and join Ameren Illinois electric service for 60 days or more will have to remain on Ameren Illinois electric service for 12 months.  Furthermore, residents ability to change electric supply may be limited by contract provisions of any retail electric supplier they may choose.

Q. Who is NOT eligible for an electric aggregation program? 

A. Commercial customers with usage greater than 15,000 kWh are not eligible for aggregation but may choose from other competitive and utility supply offerings. Community solar participants are not eligible. Customers on a special arrangement with the utility such as netmetering customers who have not provided affirmative consent are not automatically included in the program. A net-metering exclusive offer may exist for your community for customers who complete the required application and opt-in (see below).

Q. If I join the aggregation, do I retain net‐metering benefits?

A. Net-metering customers, pursuant to Section 16-107.5(d)(3) and (e)(3) of the Illinois Public Utilities Act, may forfeit credits for electric supply service and delivery service, or both, if they switch to Energy Harbor. Customers with net-metering must opt‐in to an Energy Harbor net-metering offer to be eligible for  redit. Price and terms will be equivalent to your community aggregation program; however, it is recommended you consult with your utility regarding any outstanding credits prior to enrolling with an alternative retail electric supplier as your net‐metering credit may exceed any value provided by the aggregation program price. For more information or to begin the application process go to


Any further questions can be directed to Scott 217-384-2381.

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