Architects of Urbana's 100 Most Significant Buildings and Sites


Joseph Royer (1873-1954)

The history of Urbana's most significant buildings is also a history of the architects who have come here to work. With works from avante garde master Bruce Goff, former Olympian Don Laz, "Urban's Architect" Joseph William Royer, and first graduate of a US-based architecture degree program, Nathan Clifford Ricker, only to name a few, Urbana's architectural heritage is rich and diverse.


Bruce Goff (1904-1982)









The following architects and firms have designed buildings on the 100 most important list:

 Bruce GoffJack Baker
 Charles A. PlattJoseph W. Royer
 Donald R. LazLorado Taft
 Nathan RickerOscar Wendroth
 R. Harold ZookW. W. Maxwell
 Rudolph Zerses GillHolabird & Roche
 Walter C. RootSmith, Kratz & Strong
 Holabird & RootGeorge E. Ramsey
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