Erosion Control Permit Program

Sit Fence Perimeter Control

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The City requires erosion control permits for the following projects:

  • New Home Construction
  • New Commercial, Industrial, Subdivision, or Institutional Construction
  • Home Improvement Projects that add over 1000 square feet of building area
  • Demolition Projects for Buildings
  • Certain landscaping projects disturbing over 2000 square feet of land area

Erosion Control permits are issued and monitored by the City of Urbana Engineering Division located in the Public Works Department at 706 South Glover Avenue in Urbana.

Class 1 - land disturbances of 1 or more acres.  Class 1 permits also require an IEPA ILR-10 permit.
Class 2 - land disturbances between 2000 square feet and one (1) acre.
Class 3 - utility company (only) land disturbances between 2000 square feet and one (1) acre.

Permit documents and procedures required for a particular land disturbance activity depend on the classification assigned to the land disturbance. The application form for each class will outline the requirements.  For more details, consult the appropriate Manual of Practice and Erosion and Sediment Control Ordinance No. 2007-11-133 (links provided below).

Applications will be reviewed within 7-days of receipt.  Once all submitted materials are in order, the City will approve the permittee's erosion control plan.  Plan approval gives the permittee the go-ahead to install all required erosion control measures.  Once all required erosion control measures are installed, the permittee must call for an inspection.  The erosion control permit will be issued on a passing installation inspection and receipt of all permit fees.

Class 1 - $520 for first 5 acres and $21 per additional acre
Class 2 - $104 for 1 & 2 family residential projects; $208 for commercial projects

All projects will be periodically inspected by a City representative to verify that the approved erosion control plan is being properly implemented.  The permittee is required to maintain all approved erosion control measures throughout the duration of the project.

Permits will be issued for one year.  If the permittee commences permitted activities later than one hundred and eighty days (180) of permit issuance, the permittee shall resubmit all required application materials, unless the resubmittal or parts of it are waived by the City.  Extensions beyond one year may be granted if the permittee is making reasonable progress toward project completion.

Upon final stabilization of all disturbed land on the project site, the permittee must submit a Notice of Termination (link provided below). Once a City close-out inspection confirms that all disturbed area has been restored, the permit will be closed.

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