Temporary Signs

TEMPORARY SIGN:  A sign which is readily movable, not permanently anchored, and intended to be displayed for a limited period of time.

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SECTION IX-4.I - General Sign Allowances (Temporary Signs)

Temporary Signs.  In the B-3, B-3U, B-4, B-4E, and IN-1 and IN-2 Districts, in addition to the signs permitted as specified in Table IX-1 through Table IX-4, Table IX-6 and Table IX-9, temporary signs shall be allowed by permit as provided in this Section.  Temporary Signs for non-residential uses in residential districts (as allowed in Table V-1) shall also be allowed by permit as provided in this Section.

1.  Grand Opening Signs. Each business (or other entity) shall be allowed to display one grand opening sign for each business frontage, in the form of a banner securely fastened at both ends to a building or other structure, for a period not to exceed 30 consecutive days.  The display must occur within the first six months after either the opening of the business at that site, or after there has been a change in ownership of the business.

2.  Inflatable Signs and Balloons. Within the first 30 days of the operation of a new on-site business, in addition to the banner signs as permitted in this section, a business having at least 50 feet of frontage may display additional grand opening signage in the form of inflatable signs and balloons for a period of no more than ten days.

An inflatable sign or balloon may not itself exceed 25 feet in height and shall not obstruct visibility necessary for safe traffic maneuvering.  Such signs shall be set back from any property line a minimum distance equal to the height of the balloon plus five feet, and shall maintain a minimum 25 foot clearance in all directions from all electrical wires.  No more than one such inflatable device shall be allowed on any premises.  Any such sign or balloon must be securely fastened as required by manufacturers specifications and secured to minimize wind movement. The inflatable sign, if lighted, must be installed to a grounded outlet.  Such inflatable signs must be installed by a commercial sign installer.  A permit for an inflatable sign may not be issued unless proof of liability insurance in a minimum amount of one million dollars is shown. Signs inflated with helium are strictly prohibited.

3.  Banners. In addition to any permitted grand opening signs, each business shall be allowed up to four one-week banner displays per business frontage per calendar year. Banner displays may be consecutive or concurrent, but shall not exceed four weeks per calendar year for one banner, or one week for four banners.  Banners must be securely fastened at both ends to a building or other structure, or at one side if displayed as a vertical banner secured to the ground.  If more than one business is located on a particular lot, then each business on that lot shall be allowed up to four separate temporary sign displays per calendar year for each portion of the lot that abuts a public street or alley.

a) The area of temporary banner signs shall be restricted to 100 square feet for wall banner signs or wall-mounted banner signs, 50 square feet for freestanding banner signs, and 25 square feet for vertical banners secured to the ground on one side.

b) A temporary banner sign shall be set back at least ten feet from the front property line, or shall be displayed so that the bottom edge of the sign is at least ten feet above grade level at all points.

4.  A permit for a temporary sign shall specify the location of the sign and the period of time during which said sign may be displayed.

5.  No fee shall be charged for a grand opening temporary sign.  This exemption shall supersede the requirements of Chapter XIV of the City of Urbana Code of Ordinances governing fees for sign permits. The fees for other temporary commercial signs shall be as set forth in Chapter XIV for sign permits. (Ord. No. 9495-81, 3-6-95; Ord. No. 9697-154, 6-16-97)

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