Urbana Directory

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Name Staff Position Department Board/Commissions Membership Contact Board/Commission
Marion Knight, Jr.
Civil Service Commission
William Kolschowsky
Economic Development Specialist
Community Development Services Enterprise Zone Advisory Board wakolschowsky@urbanaillinois.us
(217) 384-2442
Valerie Koress
Market at the Square Advisory Board
John Kunich
Plumbing/HVAC Inspector
Community Development Services jakunich@urbanaillinois.us
(217) 384-2435
Scott Kunkel
(217) 355-1549
Design Review Board , Building Safety Code Board of Appeals
Courtney Kwong
Recycling Coordinator
Public Works crkwong@urbanaillinois.us
(217) 384-2302
Will Kyles
IDOT Traffic Stop Data Task Force
Jamie Lance
Electrical Inspector
Community Development Services jllance@urbanaillinois.us
(217) 384-2434
Roy Lane
Fire Engineer
Fire Department rclane@urbanaillinois.us
Foreign Fire Insurance Board
Daniel Larson
Human Relations Commission (HRC)
Charles Lauss
Fire Chief
Fire Department celauss@urbanaillinois.us
(217) 384-2420
Foreign Fire Insurance Board
Barbara Lewis
Mayor's Neighborhood Safety Task Force
Derek Liebert
Tree Commission daliebert@urbanaparks.org
Jason Liggett
UPTV Station Manager
Office of the Mayor Urbana Public Television Commission jcliggett@urbanaillinois.us
(217) 384-2452
Norma Linton
Mayor's Neighborhood Safety Task Force
Mikhail Lyubansky
Civilian Police Review Board (CPRB)
Jeff Marino
Bicycle & Pedestrian Advisory Commission
Diane W. Marlin
Office of the Mayor dwmarlin@urbanaillinois.us
(217) 384-2456
Mayor's Neighborhood Safety Task Force, Enterprise Zone Advisory Board
Vicki Mayes
Tax Increment Financing Joint Review Board
Bridget McGill
Tree Commission
Megan McGinty
Civilian Police Review Board (CPRB), Mayor's Neighborhood Safety Task Force
Mary Pat McGuire
Design Review Board
Ashlee McLaughlin
Zoning Board of Appeals
Kay Meharry
Administrative Assistant I
City Clerk's Office Firemen's Pension Board lkmeharry@urbanaillinois.us
(217) 384-2362
Guadalupe Mejia
(502) 287-2451
Urbana Free Library Board