Urbana Tax Rate Information

General Merchandise

The current sales tax rate on general retail sales in Urbana is 9.000% (Effective 1/1/2014). The rate consists of the following:

  • State 6.250%
  • County Public Safety 0.250%
  • County School Facility 1.000%
  • Home Rule 1.500%
  • Total 9.000%

General merchandise sales tax is remitted directly to State of Illinois. Rates in the City of Urbana for most sales tax purchases consist of the following:

  • State 5.000%
  • City 2.500% (City share of State 1.000% and City Home Rule 1.500%)
  • County 1.5% (County share of State 0.250%, County Public Safety 0.250% and County School Facility 1.000%)
  • Total 9.000%

Use Taxes

Use and service use taxes for Urbana are the following:

  • General merchandise 6.250%
  • Food and drug 1.000%
  • Vehicle 6.250%

Food and Beverage Tax

Food and beverages sold for immediate consumption are taxed at a rate of 11%. The City's tax on food and beverage is 2%.

Packaged Liquor Tax Rate

The packaged liquor tax rate is 3%.

Local Motor Fuel Tax

The current local motor fuel tax rate is 5 cents per gallon.

Hotel/Motel Tax

  • State  6.000%
  • City    7.000%
  • Total 13.000%

Telecommunications Tax

  • State 7.000%
  • City    6.000% 
  • Total 13.000%

Residential Recycling Tax

  • Residential dwelling: $3.25 per dwelling unit per month
  • Dormitory: $2.51 times the residential capacity of the dormitory per month
  • Multi-family dwelling $3.25 per dwelling unit per month

Sewer Use Charge

The sewer use charge shall be determined by multiplying the billed water usage per 100 gallons times one thousand five hundred and forty thousandths of a cent ($0.1540) as stated by the UCSD. (Rate applies to billing period beginning next January 1. Refer to Section 24-16 of the Urbana Code of Ordinances). In addition, the sewer use charge is billed through the Urbana-Champaign Sanitary District. For billing questions, please call (217) 367-3409.

State information listed on this page can be found at Illinois Tax Rate Finder.

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