Mission and Major Activities


To efficiently and impartially administer in a prudent and equitable manner the human resources program for the Citizens of Urbana, its City employees, and to provide professional service to everyone seeking assistance from its staff. 

Major Activities of the Human Resources Division

  • Establish and recommend sound non-discriminatory recruiting, selection and promotion procedures for all non-elected positions;
  • Administer a salary and benefits and a merit-based employee performance evaluation program;
  • Construct and employ valid testing procedures for the evaluation and selection of employees;
  • Design and coordinate training and professional development of the City's human resources to enhance their individual and collective effectiveness;
  • Develop, administer and assist other departments in employee safety programs;
  • Develop EEO and affirmative action programs for other departments;
  • Administer the City's civil service rules and procedures;
  • Promote and maintain effective employee relations through the administration of labor contracts, personnel policies and constructive conflict resolution.

Civil Service Information

Urbana City Code Sec. 2-99: Civil Service System.

City of Urbana Civil Service Rules: Civil_Service_Rules.pdf

Civil Service Commission

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