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Applications and Nominations Now Open for the 2021 Poet Laureate


Click here if you would like to nominate someone for Urbana's Poet Laureate. An email will be sent to them notifying them of the nomination. Nominations will be kept anonymous and must be submitted no later than 5:00pm, Thursday, October 1st. Late nominations will not be accepted.


Click here to apply for Urbana's Poet Laureate. You do not need to be nominated to apply.  Applications for Poet Laureate are due Sunday, October 11th at 5pm.  Late applications will not be accepted.


2021 Poet Laureate Guidelines can be found as a .pdf document below.



About the Program


In April of 2019, the City of Urbana’s Mayor’s Office and the Urbana Arts & Culture Program were proud to announce the inaugural Poet Laureate Program for the City of Urbana.

The City of Urbana’s Poet Laureate Program celebrates poetry by recognizing a resident poet who honors and serves our diverse community and elevates the importance of the creative writing art form through sharing their work with Urbana residents. The Poet Laureate acts as an advocate for poetry, language, and the arts. They create a unique artistic legacy by conducting outreach activities, special programs, and presentations of individual works. The role of the Poet Laureate is to build upon the City’s local poetry scene, foster appreciation of poetry in all its forms, and support Urbana residents and visitors in deepening their appreciation of the art of creative writing. The poet laureate receives a $2,000 honorarium for the one-year term, funded by the City of Urbana’s Arts and Culture Program.

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, the 2019 Poet Laureate has been granted an extended term, allowing for time to transition and complete projects and initiatives virtually.  The current term for the 2019 Poet Laureate will end October 31st, 2020.


2019 Urbana’s Poet Laureate – William Reger

Click here to read more about Will and his achievements and initiatives as Urbana’s Inaugural Poet Laureate!


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