Police Systems and Software Information

Area-wide Records Management System (ARMS)

A.R.M.S. is a records software package developed by Urbana and shared with the University of Illinois Police and the Champaign Police Department. Urbana has hired a full time programmer to administer the program. The cost is shared by all three agencies. In 2001, the field report writing system was completed. When the local IWIN switch is implemented, the report writing software will interact wirelessly with the A.R.M.S. program so that officers can write reports in the field.

Illinois Wireless Information Network (IWIN)

When Mahomet, Ludlow, Champaign, University of Illinois, Urbana and Champaign County formed the Champaign County Consortium in 1998 to apply for a COPS MORE grant, they agreed to join the Illinois Wireless Information Network (IWIN). IWIN was the result of a joint effort by the Illinois State Police and the Illinois Central Management Services.

In 2000, the Consortium used the Federal funds and local match to purchase 168 laptops, 102 bar code scanners, 110 laptop docks, 168 wireless modems and a server switch. The equipment was received in July of 2000 and was installed.

In September of 2000, Motorola installed the hardware for a local server switch, allowing police officers to access A.R.M.S., Tiburon and Field Report writing in the field. All computers in Urbana police cars are connected to the network.

Metropolitan Computer Aided Dispatch (METCAD)

In 1979, a legal agreement between the U of I, Urbana and Champaign resulted in the Metropolitan Computer Aided Dispatch (METCAD). The Sheriff's Office and Fire Communications joined later and today the METCAD organization is growing. The passage of enhanced 911 has contributed to the METCAD dispatch function. METCAD has also recently added Emergency Medical Dispatch to its capability.

Law Enforcement Agencies Data System (LEADS)

The Law Enforcement Agencies Data System (LEADS) is a statewide computer system operated by the Illinois State Police. It connects virtually all local police departments to each other and various State agencies. Through the LEADS system, the Urbana Police can also contact and query the FBI, the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) and most police departments in the United States. It is by inquiring through the LEADS system that Officers can check license plates, drivers' licenses, warrants and stolen property. In 1993, the Urbana Police Department invested in the Mobile Data Terminal (MDT) technology. MDT's are computers that are mounted in marked squad cars and are connected by radio to the LEADS. Officers can check, among other things, a suspect's criminal history and for warrants directly from the squad car.

Selective Traffic Enforcement Program (STEP)

The STEP project is a course of action, by the Urbana Police Department, in which specific sites in the city are slated for concentrated traffic enforcement. These sites are normally selected by statistical data which indicates an area with high traffic accidents, in particular, is the Lincoln Avenue corridor from Bradley Avenue to Florida. Other sites are selected based on input from citizens of traffic concerns in a particular area or neighborhood.

This function of the STEP project is used in conjunction with Community Policing activities. The traffic enforcement emphasis in this program are for moving violations, such as speed, DUI, and accident causing violations and not parking issues.

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