Behavioral Health Response

The Urbana Police Department is committed to an educated, compassionate and measured response toward individuals within our community who are experiencing a behavioral health crisis or displaying the signs and symptoms of Excited Delirium.

The Urbana Police Department is on the cutting edge of law enforcement related mental health response and we continue to enhance our abilities.  Just a few highlights: In 2016 all officers, sergeants and command staff will be certified in Mental Health and First Aid for Public Safety and we continue to add officers to our Crisis Intervention Team (CIT).  In 2012, we developed the Champaign County Crisis Intervention Team Steering Committee (CITSC) and we maintain our leadership role within this committee.    

Recognizing that our officers operate in an environment which can have a negative impact on their personal mental health, the Department offers our officers resources designed to minimize these negative effects. One of these resources is Operation Shattered Stars Peer Support.


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