Crime Victim Checklist

In the event you are a Victim of a theft, following are some items to follow-up on. While these are not ALL the contacts that you need to make, this will give you a good start:

Cell phones/Pager

Call cellular company (telephone number from your bill under “reporting lost/stolen” to report theft/missing phone.

  • Nextel 1-800-639-8359
  • Cingular 1-866-246-4582
  • Verizon 1-800-922-0204
  • Internet site.

Inquire w/ cellular company to see what calls were made since phone was missing. If the phone company states calls were made, request a copy the list, forward the list to UPD, identifying unknown calls.

  • Cellular phone companies normally need a Report Number. You will get this from the Police Department when you file a report. Often times, they will fax the Police Department the calls made from the time of theft.
  • If you have the box the phone came in, report serial #, make, model of phone.


Report your serial number, make/model/color; be prepared to give a dollar value of the bicycle (include any unique identifiers).

  • If you registered your bike with the City of Urbana or U of I Public Safety Office, they may have your serial number.


  • Contact Bank re: checking account, ATM card, debit card.
  • Contact the Illinois Secretary of State for a new drivers license: 2401W. Bradley, Champaign (278-3344)
  • Contact Social Security Office for SS replacement (101 S. Country Fair Dr., 398-5399 or 800 772 1213).
  • Contact business/location where item was last seen.
  • Contact major credit card companies (check your bill for contact info).
  • Contact other credit card companies (gas, retail stores, etc.)
  • LINK Card – Department of Public Aid (1-800-843-6154)
  • FOID Card – Illinois State Police (217-782-7980) FOID applications are available at the Urbana Police Department.
  • Passport – Immigration & Naturalization, 219 S. Dearborn St., Suite 905, Chicago, IL 60604, tel/312 353-0320.
  • Gift Cards/Membership Cards– Contact business.
  • Keys – You might need to call a locksmith and change your locks.
  • Garage Door Opener – Reprogram the opener.
  • Medication & Glasses - Contact physician.
  • Bus Pass – Contact MTD
  • Hunting & Fishing License

Should your property be recovered, we will contact you. Should you find your property or realize other items were taken, please contact our front desk (217 384-2320) and we can add the property to our report or indicate it has been found.

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