Emergency Solutions Grant - CARES Act

Emergency Solutions Grant - CARES Act (ESG-CV)

The Emergency Solutions Grant-CARES Act, also known as ESG-CV, is a HUD program that provides funding to prevent, prepare for, and respond to coronavirus among individuals and families who are homeless or receiving homeless assistance and to support additional homeless assistance and homelessness prevention activities to mitigate the impacts created by coronavirus.

The City of Urbana is the recipient of over $300,000 in ESG-CV funding. The City has subgranted these funds to two local service providers to the homeless: CU @ Home Men's Shelter, and Cunningham Township Supervisor's Office.

CU @ Home was granted $42,750 for emergency shelter operations. Cunningham Township received $278,626 to fund their Bridge to Home Rapid Rehousing program. The City of Urbana retained a portion of the overall grant for administrative costs.

More information about these programs can be found below:

Cunningham Township Programs:

CU @ Home:

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