Parking Enforcement

Mission Statement

We pledge to serve our citizens by enforcing the law, promoting neighborhood harmony, and responding to residents’ needs. We pledge to help create a safer environment by promoting voluntary compliance with parking ordinances. We pledge to continually strive for excellence in the performance of our duties.
We believe City of Urbana employees should be customer-focused in their interactions with citizens; that enforcement can be effective by reasonably supplementing written tickets with warnings, when appropriate; and that our greatest obligation to all citizens lies in performing our duty impartially and with integrity.

We believe in and support the laws of the State of Illinois, as well as the ordinances of the City of Urbana.

Parking Enforcement Activities

Major activities of Parking Enforcement:

  • Enforce prohibited and restricted parking regulations
  • Enforce nuisance vehicle regulations
  • Follow-up on citizen complaints in regards to parking regulations

To report a nuisance vehicle or to find out more about parking regulations, please call the Finance Office at (217) 384-2346.

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