UPD Police Officer Recruiting Information

How To Apply

We are currently accepting applications for Entry Level Police Officers and Experienced Police Officers.

Minimum Requirements
• Knowledge typically acquired through completion of an associate's degree or equivalent college classes and credits or two (2) years active duty in the military with an honorable discharge.
• At least 21 years of age and no more than 34 years of age unless previously employed as a certified police officer or prior military experience. Applicants may exceed the age of 35 years by the number of years served on active military duty, but by no more than 10 years of active military duty.
•Valid driver's license.
• U.S. Citizen

Ability to:
• Cope with situations firmly, courteously, tactfully, and with respect for the rights of others;
• Analyze situations quickly and objectively, and to take emergency courses of action;
• Develop skill in the use and care of firearms and other equipment used by police;
• Perform multiple tasks within the same period of time; and
• Learn and use basic computer operations as it relates to police work.

Must be able to learn the following through training, and then be able to retain and apply this information:
• Knowledge of the geographic area of designated patrol area;
• Knowledge of first aid;
• Knowledge of controlling laws and ordinances respecting arrest, admissible evidence, and prosecution of persons; and
• Knowledge of the court system.

This list is not meant to be exhaustive.  For a complete list of minimum qualifications, please refer the job description when the position is posted.

Prepare for the Video/Written Exam

In preparation for your testing, you may be interested in a Law Enforcement practice test that is offered by our testing vendor. This practice test is located at: https://ErgoPracticeTests.com.  This practice test lasts 30-45 minutes and will give you examples of each portion of the testing process.  When visiting the site, please make sure to review the Frequently Asked Questions for details of cost, system requirements and technical support.  This practice test is not a requirement for the live test and is offered as an option to you in preparation for your test with the Urbana Police Department.

For more information about the Urbana Police Department, visit: http://urbanaillinois.us/police.   

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