IT Policy on Phishing

The language of the KnowBe4 software refers to a “Policy”. The following text is the “IT Policy on Phishing” you will be asked to approve after your initial training.

Scope: All Urbana City Network Users

Purpose: To clearly define the process for “phishing” users of the City Network, in order to promote computer security and protect the City, its employees, and its citizens.

Definition: “Phishing” is sending e-mails that encourage recipients to take actions that could harm computers, networks, or compromise information.

Policy: By clicking on “I acknowledge I have Read and Understand the Policy” in the KnowBe4 training, you are agreeing that:

  1. You have completed the training on Internet security
  2. Your City e-mail account will now receive “phishing” e-mails that you should ignore or delete.
  3. If you take the wrong action from a phishing e-mail, you will be assigned additional training.
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