10 Tips For Riding in a Taxicab

Depending on how you prefer to get around, you should know what to expect before hopping in a taxicab. Millions of people use taxicabs in the United States every day, for short trips to the store or longer trips to a destination further away from home. Public transportation options in Urbana-Champaign range from cars, buses and vehicle for hires. The choice is yours; however, here are some good tips to know prior to stepping foot inside a taxi. 

  1. Look at the condition of the vehicle.  The company should care enough about the vehicles in their fleet to keep it well maintained on the inside and outside.
  2. Look for the City issued sticker located on the lower inside left-hand driver's side corner of the front windshield.  Every taxicab operating in Urbana-Champaign is required to display a City issued sticker with the year for which the license is issued.
  3. Look at the conduct and appearance of the driver.  No driver while on duty should use any profane or obscene language or gestures. Every driver should maintain a reasonable degree of personal hygiene and be dressed in clean and well maintained clothing.
  4. Ask to see a schedule of rates.  No licensee or driver should charge a fare in excess of the effective schedule of fares on file with the City. Rates should be posted. A driver must also issue a receipt upon demand and inform passengers, if cash is the only acceptable form of payment.
  5. Ask to see the drivers identification card.  The driver should have his/her City-issued identification card visible on his/her person at all times while on duty. Make sure the identification card is current and not expired.
  6. Always fasten your seatbelt.  All passengers are required to wear a seatbelt in the State of Illinois.
  7. Know where you are going.  Get directions for longer trips from a friend or off of your computer. This will give you some sort of an estimate for the distance and how much the fare will be.
  8. Report problems.  If you notice something wrong report the problem to the cab company or the licensing authority. Each vehicle should have posted the licensing authorities City contact information for passengers.
  9. Do a quick check before exiting the taxicab.  Make sure you have all of your belongings before paying for the fare. Don't be afraid to ask the driver for a receipt.  
  10. Give feedback to the driver.  Let the driver know you enjoyed your ride. This can encourage good service for furture rides.  

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Finance Department at (217) 384-2346.  

- Last Modified -June 16, 2020 - 10:31am
- Author - BethB