Apply Online For Residential Parking Permits

***NOTICE***Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, enforcement of the West Urbana Special Parking Permit is currently suspended. All other parking regulations for restricted and prohibited parking will be enforced. Please check back periodically for future updates. You can also call the Finance Department at (217) 384-2346. Thank you.

Online annual residential parking permit requests will require validation of the following:

  1. Proof of residency (1 of the following):
    - Driver's license showing an address in the zone.
    - Signed lease agreement (e.g. full name, address in permit area, dates of lease agreement and signature)
    - Current utility bill showing name and address in permit area
  2. Picture ID
  3. Current vehicle registration (not insurance) showing name of registered owner and address, along with all valid vehicle information

You will be required to upload the documents listed above. All required documents must be received, prior to permit review. Acceptable file formats are PDF and JPG images. After you have completed the online permit request process and paid, if applicable, the online system will generate a thirty (30) day temporary permit for you to print and place on your vehicle. In the meantime, staff will reveiw all documentation submitted and once approved, your annual permit will be mailed out to you at the address provided in the residential parking zone.

What types of permits can I request online?

Temporary Overnight Online Permit Purchases (click below to begin):

Annual permit holders who have purchased using the new online parking permit system (after March 1, 2019) for the current permit year will be able to purchase and print temporary overnight permits for visitors or themselves for up to thirty (30) consecutive days. 

Purchase and Request Temporary Booklets Online (click below to begin): 

Annual permit holders who have purchased using the new online parking permit system (after March 1, 2019) for the current permit year can purchase Temporary 1-Day Overnight Booklets of 3 permits online. Current permit holders can also request a Temporary Daytime Guest Booklet of 20 permits online at no cost. Booklets will be mailed out to the resident within five (5) business days after the order is submitted.

Request Temporary Residential Construction Permits Online (1-30 days): 

Residents can request temporary construction permits for home improvement or maintenance projects. Simply print and complete the Temporary Residential Construction Permit application and upload a copy, along with your photo I.D. and proof of residence when you apply online. Permits can be mailed or picked-up in the office.

Request Temporary Residential Medical Permits Online (1-180 days): 

Residents can request temporary medical permits for in home care services. Simply print and complete the Temporary Residential Medical Permit application and upload a copy, along with your photo I.D. and proof of residence when you apply online. Permits can be mailed or picked-up in the office.

Online renewals will begin on August 1st for each new permit year. Residents applying for annual permits will be required to resubmit required documentation listed above when applying online. As a reminder, permits can be applied for in person at the City of Urbana Finance Department, 400 S. Vine St., Urbana, IL. For questions concerning online permit requests, please call (217) 384-2346 during normal business hours, Monday - Friday, 8AM - 5PM.





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