U-CYCLE Holiday Collection Schedule

2024 U-Cycle Holiday Schedule:


1) New Year's Day - Monday, January 1

2) Memorial Day - Monday, May 27

3) Independence Day - Thursday, July 4

4) Labor Day - Monday, September 2

5) Thanksgiving Day - Thursday, November 28

6) Christmas Day - Wednesday, December 25


*No U-Cycle service will be provided on these holidays.  Instead, U-Cycle collection day route(s) will be delayed one day for the remainder of the week following a holiday.* For example, if a holiday occurs on Wednesday, Monday and Tuesday routes would be regularly collected, BUT the Wednesday route would be collected on Thursday, the Thursday route would be collected on Friday, and the Friday route would be collected on Saturday.


The U-Cycle program observes six (6) holidays every year:  1) New Year's Day 2) Memorial Day 3) Independence Day 4) Labor Day 5) Thanksgiving Day 6) Christmas Day

NO CHANGE IS MADE IF A HOLIDAY FALLS ON A WEEKEND !  If we don't list one of the six holidays observed by U-Cycle, then it falls on a weekend!



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