Residential Recycling Program

The City of Urbana is pleased to provide all single-family through four-plex households a comprehensive residential recycling program called U-Cycle.  The City currently serves more than 8,500 units in the curbside recycling program.Recycling consists of three key elements (as represented by the 3-loop recycling symbol):

  • Collection of recyclables;
  • Separation, processing and manufacturing of new products from recyclables; and
  • Purchase/reuse of recycled content materials

Participate - It makes financial sense!

Recycling not only benefits the environment, but benefits your household as well. A typical household in Urbana generates over one ton of waste every year! The City requires garbage haulers to provide volume-based pricing. The average monthly cost for household garbage service for one 32-gallon trash can is $16.34, while the U-CYCLE program costs only $3.18 per month. So, for example, if your household currently uses two trash cans every week for garbage, recycling could potentially reduce your household’s garbage service to one trash can per week which, in turn, can save your household money!

The City of Urbana funds the U-CYCLE program through the levy of the annual mandatory recycling tax.  The savings from reduced garbage fees can pay for recycling service.

Questions? Contact the recycling coordinator at  (217) 384-2302

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