Recycling Program: U-CYCLE

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Have you ever wondered what you can do to help our environment? The City of Urbana offers two recycling programs for residents to make a difference!

Urbana’s residential curbside recycling program, U-CYCLE, began in 1986 and was one of the first citywide recycling programs offered in Illinois. Urbana’s residential recycling program provides service to all residents in single-family through fourplex dwellings. The program serves an estimated 18,000 residents throughout the city.

The City of Urbana’s recycling program expanded in 1999 when recycling was offered to all residents in apartment buildings, dormitories, fraternities/sororities, rooming houses and condominiums. The multifamily program now serves buildings with 5 or more dwelling units. The multifamily recycling program serves an estimated 15,000 residents in Urbana.

Because of these programs, every resident in the City of Urbana has an opportunity to recycle! Recycling is important for many reasons.

Recycling provides:

Reduced pollution from manufacturing

Energy Conservation

Creation of jobs, fosters economic development

You to reduce garbage fees

Conservation of resources

Landfill space conservation

Environmental preservation!!

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