Residential Recycling Tax

Residential Recycling Tax
The U-Cycle recycling tax from the City of Urbana is now incorporated into the billing that you receive from the Urbana and Champaign Sanitary District (UCSD), with the current tax rate set at $3.25 per month for curbside dwellings, and $3.25/unit/month for multifamily dwellings.  The dormitory rate is currently set at $2.51/room/month.
Every residential dwelling unit shall be presumed to be occupied unless:
  1. The certificate of occupancy is revoked or suspended.
  2. The dwelling is officially registered as vacant with the City.
  3. A code official declares the dwelling unsuitable for human occupancy.


If there is an error in the unit count on your tax bill, or for inquiries related to your recycling tax account, please contact the Accounting Office at 217-384-2448.
To explore the U-Cycle program or to request a U-CART, contact the Recycling Coordinator at 217-384-2302.


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