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IDOT Traffic Stop Data Task Force

Urbana Resolution Accepting the Final Report of the Urbana IDOT Traffic Stop Data Task Force. Res. 2015-12-073R. Dec. 2015

The Task Force successfully completed its work on December 7, 2015 with the publication of it's Final Report.

The I.D.O.T. Traffic Stop Data Task Force is charged with identifying and studying any racial disparities that may exist in local traffic stop data supplied annually to the City by the Illinois Department of Transportation (I.D.O.T.), and attempting to find the source and cause of any disparity.

The Task Force is directed to examine multiple aspects of the traffic stop data, including race, driver age, residence, stop time, stop location, the reason for the stop, vehicle age, and any other information the Task Force finds to be useful.  The Task Force will also look beyond traffic stop data to consider census and unemployment data, high school graduation rates, and incarceration statistics from the September 2013 study of the Champaign County justice system.

  • Task Force Membership.  The eleven (11) member Task Force includes one City Council representative, one representative from the Urbana Police Department, and at least two members with education or expertise in statistics.  Task Force members are not required to live in the city of Urbana but should be representative of the ethnic mix of Urbana.  Members serve without compensation for until such time as they conclude their Final Report and file it with the City Council on or before April 30, 2015 or as extended by the City Council.
  • Meeting Schedule. The Task Force holds regular monthly meetings as listed on this board page.  Special meetings may be held as deemed necessary.  Task Force meetings are open to the public in accordance with the Illinois Open Meetings Act and public participation is welcome.
  • Agendas and Minutes. To view prior meetings as well as their agendas and minutes, please visit Archive of Agendas and Minutes.
  • Broadcast Meetings.  If you prefer to view meetings remotely, please note that meetings are broadcast by Urbana Public Television through Comcast on channel 6, AT&T U-Verse on channel 99 and streamed on the web.  To view prior meeting video recordings, please visit Archive Meeting Videos

Staff Support

The IDOT Traffic Stop Data Task Force is staffed and supported by the Urbana Human Relations Office.

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