Planned Unit Development (PUD)

A Planned Unit Development is a large, integrated development adhering to a detailed site plan and located on a contiguous tract of land that may include a mixture of residential, commercial and/or industrial uses.  Zoning and development regulations may be varied in conformance with Section XIII-3 of the Urbana Zoning Ordinance and the adopted Comprehensive Plan.

The purpose of a planned unit development is to encourage development that goes beyond the minimum zoning and development standards in terms of design, public amenities, innovative "green" construction and implementation of the Comprehensive Plan and other official development plans and policies.  In exchange for public amenities, developers are granted flexibility in applying the typical zoning and development regulations.  These amenities may include bicycle trails, public art, unique architecture, protection of natural resources, "green" design and building, or higher density and mixed-use development.  For developers, flexibility allows more creative development that encourages infill development, provides a wider variety of housing choices, or meets a market niche.  In all planned unit developments, the final built form shall be generally consistent with the goals, objectives and future land uses of the Urbana Comprehensive Plan and other relevant plans and policies.

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