Special Use Permit (SUP)

A Special Use is one which is potentially appropriate in and compatible with other uses in its zoning district, but which, because of the potential major impact of its scale and nature on its district and the City of Urbana as a whole, necessitates stricter examination, site plan review, and individual regulations.  To determine if you need a Special Use Permit, refer to the Table of Uses in Table V-1 of the Urbana Zoning Ordinance or contact Planning staff at (217) 384-2440.

In addition to any conditions imposed by the City Council, a Special Use authorized by the City Council is subject to all the development regulations applicable to permitted uses in the district in which it is located, unless other more restrictive regulations are specifically approved.  Special Uses are also subject to the regulations pertaining to parking and access which are applicable for the use and district.

Unless otherwise specifically stated by the City Council, the Special Use approval shall be valid until the Special Use is discontinued.  Valid Special Use approval in the form of an ordinance is required before issuance of a building permit or Certificate of Occupancy (if no building permit is required).  If a building permit or Certificate of Occupancy is not issued within one year of approval, the Special Use Permit shall no longer be valid.

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