Design Review

The City of Urbana currently has one zoning district requiring design review and two design review overlay districts.  Each of these have their own adopted guideline manuals.

Mixed Office-Residential (MOR) Zoning District - Area covers most of Elm Street and Green Street.  The purpose is to require review and approval or disapproval of all site plans for new structures and land uses in the MOR Zoning District that do not incorporate the adaptive re-use of an existing structure.  The Design Review Board has the following objectives for reviewing applications in the MOR, Mixed Office-Residential Zoning District:  1) encourage compatibility by minimizing impacts between proposed land uses and the surrounding area; 2) encourage the design of new construction to be compatible with the neighborhood's visual and aesthetic character through the use of design guidelines; and 3) determine if proposed development plans meet the intent of the MOR Zoning District.

Lincoln-Busey Corridor Design Review Overlay District - The purpose is to provide a basis for understanding and assessing the design of new construction and renovation projects in the corridor.  The intent is to encourage that future growth in the Lincoln-Busey Corridor is compatible with the existing built environment in the corridor and to aid in the visual transition from the larger scale buildings of the University and related institutional uses fronting Lincoln Avenue to the single-family homes of the West Urbana Neighborhood to the east.

East Urbana Design Review Overlay District -It is intended to assist property owners and designers as they plan changes to all buildings other than single-family residences, such as multi-family residential, duplexes, commercial and institutional buildings in the district generally bounded by South Urbana Avenue, East Elm Street, Grove Street, East Main Street, South Webber Street, East Green Street, South Maple Street and East Illinois Street.  The design guidelines are also intended to provide the Design Review Board with a framework for making consistent decisions in its review of projects.  The guidelines have been developed to recognize and preserve the unique character of the HIstoric East Urbana Neighborhood.  The design review overlay district will act as a transition between the Central Business District (downtown) and the residential neighborhood abutting it.

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