2013 Sino-African Initiative

Sino-African Initative (SAI)

Based on the positive results of the Urbana Sister Cities project in Zomba, the program was encouraged to apply for a second Sister Cities International grant program, the Sino-African Initiative (SAI).  The SAI will continue the Urbana Sisiter Cities program work in Zomba with regard to improved sanitation and waste removal in that city.  The new grant establishes an innovative tri-lateral cooperation between Urbana, (USA) Zomba, Malawi and Urbana's newest Chinese Sister City partner, Haizhu District, Guangzhou City (the old Canton), The Peoples Republic of China.

Through the SAI project Urbana is building a new Sister Cities partnership with Haizhu District, Guangzhou City, China.  Through efforts coordinated by Mayor Laurel Prussing during an earlier visit to China, Urbana received its first exploratory visit by a delegation from Haizhu District, China, in May 2012.

In January 2013, four members of the Urbana Sister Cities Committee traveled to Africa to start planning work on the SAI program, visiting with the Zomba Local Sister Cities Committee members and traveling with them to Nairobi, Kenya, to attend a grant presentation workshop.  On that trip a project for developing better waste management, educational outreach, and sewage repair and composting was approved.  Urbana looks forward to continuing to expand its new international partnership while working on the goals of the SAI grant.  More information on this recent trip is available below.

Recap of 2013 Sino-African Initiative Conference in Nairobi, Kenya

Sister Cities International hosted the 2013 Sino-African Initiative Conference in Nairobi, Kenya from January 31-February 1. The Conference, on the theme of “Urban Service Delivery in Public Health and Waste Management,” was part of Sister Cities International’s two-year, $1.5 million Sino-African Initiative (SAI) Program. 

Sister Cities International President and CEO Mary D. Kane, Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries Vice-President Xie Yuan, and Inter Region Economic Network and Eastern Africa Sister Cities Director James Shikwati were present at the Conference along with local officials and academics as well as representatives from the three selected SAI trilateral partnerships:

  • Osogbo, Nigeria - Asheville/Raleigh, United States - Xiangyang, China
  • Zomba, Malawi - Urbana, United States - Haizhu district, China
  • Nairobi, Kenya - Denver, United States - Kunming, China

Participants attended technical workshops, expertise and training sessions on a comprehensive range of topics including financial management, procurement, monitoring and evaluation, and reporting aimed at providing a solid foundation as the partnerships begin implement their SAI projects. The Conference ended with the signing of trilateral partnership project MoUs.

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