About Public Works

Arbor:  This division is headed by the City Arborist and provides certain services for the maintenance and planting of trees and green spaces and for operation of a county-wide landscape recycling center.

Engineering:  This division is headed by the two Assistant City Engineers and provides city-wide mapping support, infrastructure design and construction management, subdivision/private development plan review and public infrastructure construction review and approval, and maintenance of the Capital Improvement Plan.

Environmental Sustainability:  This division is headed by the Environmental Sustainability Manager and provides certain recycling and solid waste programs, sustainability efforts and environmental compliance services.

Equipment Services:  This division is headed by the Fleet Manager and provides maintenance of and coordination for replacement of the City's fleet of vehicles and major equipment.

Operations:  This division is headed by the Operations Manager and is responsible for the repair and maintenance of the City's infrastructure, which includes streets, sidewalks, alleys, municipal parking lots, traffic control signs and signals, and storm and sanitary sewers.

Public Facilities:  This division is headed by the Public Facilities Manager and provides a comprehensive program of management and maintenance for all municipal buildings.  The Public Facilities Manager also oversees the municipal parking system, as reported in the Motor Vehicle Parking System section of the budget.

The Urbana Public Works Department is a member of the Illinois Public Works Mutual Aid Network (IPWMAN)

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