Arbor Links

The Treekeeper is a great app that shows Urbana's trees, how much they benefit the City, and their locations. 

Illinois Department of Natural Resources web site.

The Illinois Arborist Association is a non-profit organization that educates members in proper tree care.

Official website of the International Society of Aboriculture.

The Trees Are Good web site was created by the International Society of Aboriculture to provide the general public with quality arboriculture, or tree care, related information.

Here is a comprehensive source of Tree Conservation Information that is helpful to keep trees healthy and thriving. 

This Illinois Dept of Agriculture web page Exotic Pests of Concern provides us with up to date information on exotic pests that are, will or could become critical environmental issues within Illinois. The Emerald Ash Borer is the newest member of this group and fast becoming the state's most serious concern.

Here is a helpful article, "Trees and Wood: An Identification Resource Guide," by

Read about the Benefits of Security Cameras in Wildlife Research and Conservation.

Don't Move Firewood is a continual dialogue on non-native forest insects and diseases.

Backyard Environmental Education includes information for kids on plants and trees, conservation, wildlife, and watersheds.

Tree Rings and the Life of a Tree is a great read. 

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