Sustainability City-wide

Environmental Sustainability Annual Report 2017
Report (2MB)

Environmental Sustainability Annual Report 2016
Report (2MB)

Environmental Sustainability Annual Report 2015Environmental Sustainability Division Report
Report (2 MB)

Climate Action Plan Phase 2 2015-2020
The Sustainability Advisory commission has approved this plan for City Council consideration.
Plan (2 MB)
Appendices (2 MB)

Climate Action Plan Phase 1 2013-2015
The City of Urbana has approved a plan that lays out a pathway to increase energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gasses
Complete Plan (5 MB)

Sustainable Water Management Plan
The City of Urbana has approved a plan to conserve and protect potable water, improve stormwater and surface water quality, and promote the value of recreational waters.
Complete Plan (4 MB)

Sustainability Advisory Commission (SAC)
The SAC meets the first Tuesday of the month to assist the mayor and city council in identifying the highest priorities for city government and citizens to achieve sustainable management of natural resources, water and energy in particular, and shall recommend to the mayor and city council goals to achieve and workable means to reach such goals.
Sustainability Advisory Commission
Board, Committee, or Commission ApplicationWater Plan

Renewable Energy Credits
The City of Urbana's Municipal Electric Aggregation program purchases Renewable Energy Credits (REC) for all the electricity used by everyone opted into the aggregation group.  RECs offset the emissions generated by traditional power generation by laying claim to and accounting for the associated attributes of renewable-based generation.
Municipal Electric Aggregation
Renewable Energy Credits

Bicycle Master Plan
City of Urbana contracted with the Champaign County Regional Planning Commission to create a Bicycle Master Plan for the City. This study originated from the Urbana City Council goal to “Get Urbana Bicycling.”
Bicycle Master Plan

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